Pacific Ocean Park Memories Wallpaper

Pacific Ocean Park Memories
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  • venicelocal
    I have pictures of P.O.P. blown up and in my game room. I have the same picture as your post. I grew up in Venice on the beach and could see P.O.P. from my room. I have very good memories of P.O.P.. Could walk to it from my house. I have been looking for over 40 years for a picture of the arcade on P.O.P. When I got tired of going on the rides I would hang out at the only arcade on the pier. It is there where I got a real interest in coin operated amu*t games. Pinball machines, arcade games and such. I really would like a picture of that arcade for my game room. Someone out there must have a picture of that arcade. You understand that in 1956 in a joint venture CBS and Santa Anita racetrack spent 10 million dollars, rebuilt the pier and opened it with the name Pacific Ocean Park. They tried to compete with Disneyland, but the salt air and poor management destro* the dream. I haven't lived in Cali since 1991. Never have tried the Historical society of Los Angeles for the picture. Please if anyone has a picture of the arcade on P.O.P. please contact me. thank you
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