Hurt Pain Sad Girl Picture

Hurt Pain Sad Girl
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Here you see a background picture with the filename hurt-pain-sad-girl.jpg. This image has a resolution of 454 x 513 pixels and has a size of 19 kilobytes. The filetype of this graphic is jpg. It's the Hurt Pain Sad Girl background.

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  • Josh
    She is cruelly sad and sadly good
  • vineet
    very touching.......................pic
  • ashu
    :( HaaL Ye Hy K Teri Yaad Me Gum Hoon -
    Sab Ko Meri, Aur Mujh Ko Teri Parhi Rehti Hy...!!!
    She is like me :'(
  • Rina!
    This picture is INCREDIBLE!!! I can't help but stare at it ! I love it ! She seems shy and shut off but also open.
  • honey
    she is like my lover..
  • Ahsin
    its an ART....observe innerly
    there shown a angle and they dont wear any thing
  • ducy
    its great!!!!like a symbol for all the people who feel pain,who are hurt and alone.
  • neelam
    pic kafi acha hai pr dress tou pehna diya hota bat yaa
  • miky
    tanks for this pic this pic is very nice tank you
  • Dil
    nice photo
  • satya
    nice i like
  • arzoo
    nice pic....
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  • Section 2
    • FILE.FileName: graphic3.jpg
    • FILE.FileDateTime: 1228537379
    • FILE.FileSize: 19480
    • FILE.FileType: 2
    • FILE.MimeType: image/jpeg
    • FILE.SectionsFound: IFD0
  • Section 3
    • COMPUTED.html: width="454" height="513"
    • COMPUTED.Height: 513
    • COMPUTED.Width: 454
    • COMPUTED.IsColor: 1
    • COMPUTED.ByteOrderMotorola: 0

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