Naruto Sasuke Older Picture

Naruto Sasuke Older
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Here you see a background picture with the filename naruto-sasuke-older-t5.jpg. This image has a resolution of 800 x 612 pixels and has a size of 208 kilobytes. The filetype of this graphic is jpg. It's the Naruto Sasuke Older background.

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  • Uggghhhh that's soooo saaaad!
    Uuuuuuwaaaahh Sasuke and Naruto both dying together after such a long time of fighting each other.... Sniff sooo sad but so right.. T T
  • itachi lover
    I hope they do kill each other in the end, it would be a good way to end it, especially like this.
  • bogy
    Naruto can't die.....he is stronger than sasuke and he is the protagonist !!!
  • uchiha madara

    if dey dont kill each other den i'll kill....dem both.hahahahahee
  • uchiha madara
    if dey dont kill each other den i'll kill....dem both.hahahahahee
  • Burlacu Cosmin
    Cool image i like very more and i think this is the best photo i ever seen in my life and i like very more and i want to be the be the best like that photo
  • Jay
    I really hope that they don't kill each other, but if they have to kill each other, this is a good way to go.
  • NOOO!!
    NOOO!! this better not happer in the program they better not kill each other.!
    it's really a good picture. maybe this is the end of naruto. you never now.
  • cool
    If they do end up killing each other I hope this is how it looks
  • sakura,,,,,,,,
    i hope they not kill each other
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    • FILE.FileName: graphic3.jpg
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    • FILE.FileType: 2
    • FILE.MimeType: image/jpeg
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  • Section 3
    • COMPUTED.html: width="800" height="612"
    • COMPUTED.Height: 612
    • COMPUTED.Width: 800
    • COMPUTED.IsColor: 1

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