Sad Girl Pencil Sketch Picture

Sad Girl Pencil Sketch
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Here you see a background picture with the filename sad-girl-pencil-sketch.jpg. This image has a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels and has a size of 21 kilobytes. The filetype of this graphic is jpg. It's the Sad Girl Pencil Sketch background.

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    very nce pic
  • paras
    this is really coolrni saw this is best
  • paras
    this is really coolrni saw this is best
  • jelly bean
    i <3 it soooooooo....... much
  • anand
    how many types of pencils are used to draw this
  • bella
    j'aime cette photo elle est wooooooooow vrm c coooool je préfère des photo comme celle-la pcq j'aime la tristesse
  • spazzy heart
    i love this pic, you can see so much emotion in here eyes and she is so butifal its haunting please keep drawing more :)
  • umer shahbaz
    i think i would fall in love with her bcz she is so beautifull and innocent
  • jolie
    i like her hare and her eyes even..if she sad but shes beautifullllllllll ....!!!!!!!!!!!
  • faryal kanwal
    there were many other pic better than this pic..... i dont like it so much
  • DASS
  • sam
    this sketch got the beautiful effect of shadings and reality
  • ashu


    she is sooo sad

    is really sad
  • nadine
    its amazing, this pic creates so much emotion. i like it
  • love johal
    nice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • popoy
    the shades are good, but focus on the eye
  • crinky croncy mon choncy

    good pic
  • sonu
    i saw and fel my self in her.
  • saif
    good skaching nic pick
  • nidx
    kool pic....i lyk itttttt
  • maccy
    this is really cool
  • umer shahbaz attock *stan 92-313 7753539
    really coooooool
  • baabu MK
    soo nice like it...
  • Zob
    soOoOo Niceeee
  • Mima sad
  • bilo
    are madharchod
  • Alite zillian
    love it alot <3......
  • jessie
    really superb
  • vikram
    i just love it
  • ASH
  • thai
    nice sketch..
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